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Bitcoin ready for biggest bull run in history?

Bitcoin ready for biggest bull run in history?


Mati Greenspan (eToro) suggests we’re in for the largest bull run in history

Mati Greenspan, a senior analyst at eToro, is speculating that Bitcoin could be on the cusp of the largest price rally yet seen. Despite a three percent decline over the weekend, the past 3 days have been quite epic for the daddy of cryptos – climbing from a low of $7374 early on Monday 23rd to $8434 at the time of writing (Wednesday 25th July 2018) – more than 14%!

Courtesy of CryptoCompare

The rise has come as a result of positive news from the recent G20 meeting and their announcement on cryptos. Also factor in the recent news from Blackrock Рthe worlds largest asset manager. They have announced their interests in bitcoin.


Analyst Predicts Now is the Beginning of Huge Bull Run

Mati Greenspan, a senior analyst at eToro believes that based on these positive signals, the good times are here again for Bitcoin. He tweeted in a post 2 days ago that BTC might be on the cusp of its largest bull run in history. If this happens to be the case, then the top-ranked cryptocurrency may just set another all-time high (ATH).

It has been reported on many occasions that as soon as large institutional investors begin to seriously look at cryptos and enter the market the resulting wave will tip the market into a sustained bull run. Blackrock is just one of many institutions considering bitcoin and cryptos. They will most likely begin by adding ETF’s to offer to their retail investors as a way of easily entering the market.

So, are we finally going to experience the largest bull run for bitcoin? Please leave your thoughts below and share this article.

Credit – original bull picture to @giovannicalia