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UPDATED 6th July 2018

Recently Coinmama has refreshed and updated its website with a new look and more importantly a selection of new coins. Now, in addition to ETH Ethereum and BTC bitcoin you can buy:

  • XRP – Ripple
  • LTC – Litecoin
  • BCH – bitcoin cash
  • ADA – Cardano
  • QTUM
  • ETC – Ethereum Classic

This vastly improves the range of coins on offer, as such, we have updated our pro’s and con’s to reflect this change. This still doesn’t mean Coinmama offers anywhere near the same range as a full-blown exchange but still very good for the ease of use for the coins available. They still have room for improvement though as similar exchanges, such as Changelly, offer a much wider range of coins.

Also, the site has a fresh new UI, we have added a comparison image below the one for the original site.

Finally, Coinmama is running a number of Russia World Cup promotions, for full details visit the site or simply click the button at the end of the article.

Coinmama World Cup

Buy Crypto Currency quickly and easily with Credit or Debit Card

Where do I buy cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card?

Coinmama is headquartered in Israel and owned by New Bit Ventures. It is a platform allowing users to only purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum and so is a little limited in that sense but……. its ace is the simplicity in which to purchase using FIAT via a debit or credit card and its worldwide availability. In fact over 217 countries and 24 US states.


Our experience with Coinmama was a good one. We found the verification process simple and fast, we were fully verified within a couple of hours. The purchase process is extremely easy and user-friendly – perfect for beginners. Once verified the spending limits are high enough – $5,000 per day to a monthly maximum of $20,000. Even without verification users can purchase up to €150 of crypto.

As mentioned the platform is only for buying either Bitcoin or Ethereum (refer to update) using $ or €. This can be limiting but any experienced user will register with another exchange to trade and sell other cryptocurrencies. Coinmama have found a perfect niche to easily facilitate newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency with its simple interface and quick verification process. We would recommend Coinmama for new users to purchase their first coins – ETH Ethereum or BTC Bitcoin, as the process and verification is simple and straightforward. 

As you can see in the screenshot below the buying process is straightforward. Buy a ‘package’ or use the slider to determine your amounts.

buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card
Previous site screenshot
Coinmama buy with credit card
Latest refreshed site with new coins added

Coinmama has a good solid reliable reputation amongst the crypto fraternity and although it is frill-free it is very efficient and very secure.

Customer Support

An excellent list of FAQ’s is available online as well as an email contact for Customer Support. As is the case with many cryptocurrency exchanges there is a mixed bag of reviews, some excellent and some not so good. However, it doesn’t appear that there are any major issues with response times, with most queries consistently replied within 24 hours. We have had to use the customer support and found the response time very good. Its stated business hours are Sunday to Thursday, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (GMT +3).


  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to buy using debit/credit cards
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Fast verification


  • Limited coins – ETH and BTC only (this is no longer a big downside as 6 new coins have been added recently)
  • No sell option
  • Slightly high fees


Visit Coinmama