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Launched in 2012 IPVanish is a very fast VPN service which is probably geared towards more experienced users. It offers a large range of server locations to choose from and has a zero logs policy. Performance is exceptional in terms of speed of transfer. We have a very fast optical fibre internet service and so the drop in speeds does not affect us at all really. At times we’ve forgotten the VPN has been on and haven’t noticed much difference in performance. If your network is particularly slow speed this may not be the same. I would guess that speeds are in the region of 65 – 80 % of what they are without IPVanish operating.

Having used their network for almost 3 years we have found it almost faultless. There was a time during mid-2017 after an upgrade where things went a little weird but downgrading to the previous version whilst the issues were being sorted resolved the problem. We have found that access to some services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer is a little inconsistent. Sometimes this is resolved by changing the server location and other times it just doesn’t want to work.


The user interface is straightforward:

The choice of worldwide server locations is extensive and easy to access via the menu. There is also a smaller menu available on the computer taskbar for fast access.

In addition to the desktop versions for Windows and MAC, the following are also available:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Amazon Fire Stick

At this time no plug-ins are available for browsers.

You may have seen free VPN apps and offerings that are available but in our experience they are pretty useless, to get good results and avoid frustration you will need to use a paid service.The annual fee of approximately $70 is in line with other paid VPN offerings. Look out for special offers as they are quite regular.


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