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Jaxx Wallet Review

Jaxx was created in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Anthony Diiorio. It is a free online wallet available on Google and iOS platforms along with other computer platforms and web browser plugins. It is very simple to use and offers an array of coins, although often criticised for being slow to react to adding newer coins. Of the top 10 by market cap, it only offers 3 at the time of writing (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum) so maybe the criticisms are founded. However, our user experience with Jaxx is very positive.


The user interface is a pleasure to use and very self-explanatory. A couple of minutes moving around the menu’s and you will become instantly familiarised with the functions. Your wallets are displayed across the top left side of the screen with the relevant wallet address and a QR code for ease of use. Alongside the wallet address is also a ‘copy’ button for instant copying to your clipboard. The ShapeShift logo is dead centre between ‘send’ and ‘receive’, and again simple to use. To the right side is a list of your transactions.

Jaxx wallet bitcoin

You can select your default conversion currency very easily from the UI. Below shows the USD selected.

Jaxx wallet


The critical point to note is security. Being a hot wallet it really isn’t the place to hold large amounts of currency. If you fail to utilise their optional ‘PIN on send’ it would be very easy for a person to access your phone and subsequently the app to send money out. We are surprised this additional security is only ‘optional’ With regard to the actual inner security of the wallet, it is very secure as private data is not stored on secondary servers, only on the users’ device. You have complete control of your private keys.

If you accept that the best way to store larger volumes is via a Hard Wallet and use Jaxx for regular smaller transactions then it is a fantastic wallet. In addition, it has ShapeShift embedded into the app. This allows for extremely simple, convenient and fast exchanging of coins (although limited to the available supported coins). Jaxx is perhaps the future of the personal wallet for everyday spending. If it is then the UI and simplicity is just simply great and is all that would be required – just remember to activate the optional security required to send funds.

If you have any stories or user experiences with the Jaxx wallet then please leave a comment below, thank you.


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