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Here we have another cryptocurrency exchange review. Operating since 2015 and well known for its simplicity and ease of use.

An established Swiss based cryptocurrency exchange similar to Changelly although with some slight differences. Shapeshift too has a very simple interface and can be used to trade a range of over 60 different cryptocurrencies, although some coins can be temporarily unavailable and so you may have to be patient to trade if your coin is one of these. One major difference is that there is no FIAT option offered by Shapeshift. In addition there is no ‘fee’ as such, obviously the rates offered are one way in which Shapeshift take their fee along with a quoted mining fee. This is very different from an exchange such as Changelly for example which charges a fee.

Simple to use

With Shapeshift there is no registration required at all (Changelly is only email registration) and so anonymity is high as there are no accounts to create. Not even an email is required to use the service. This may suit a number of users and means exchanges can be performed extremely quickly and without fuss.

Customer support is available but there are many varying opinions available, some glowing and some not so good. This mixed bag of reviews is probably the same for most exchanges. The support page on the website is very basic and doesn’t help to inspire confidence in Shapeshift, but it is simple to use.

Shapeshift is also a nifty feature embedded into the following wallets:

  • Jaxx Wallet (see here)
  • Coinomi
  • Exodus
  • MyEtherWallet


  • Simple to use
  • No registration
  • Liquid and instant
  • See what rate you receive instantly


  • No FIAT deposits
  • Slightly higher rates than full exchanges


Visit Shapeshift