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Tokenize – More than just a digital currency exchange

Tokenize – More than just a digital currency exchange


Tokenize digital currency exchange

Tokenize is a Singaporean based digital crypto exchange. Founded by social visionaries it aims to be the bridge between the individuals of today and the algorithmic decentralized economy of tomorrow. By creating an integrated blockchain ecosystem here in South East Asia, Tokenize will serve as not only a financial tool for the masses but an educational and communal instrument for the people. The blockchain is here to stay, and with it, cryptocurrencies.

Accessibility – or the lack thereof

The world is at the apex of the digital age. A paradigm shift towards borderless cryptocurrencies will approach sooner than we realize. With that said, the question therein is: “How can I get my hands on it?” Well, the answer is simple. Exchanges like this will give you access to cryptocurrency and the myriad of benefits that the blockchain offers. Tokenize, much like many other exchanges, relies on strict KYC and AML procedures to ensure the legitimacy of the crypto holder. Once you have signed up and verified yourself as a user of their platform, you will be able to trade and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others alike. 

Not only does the platform offer you access to established Cryptocurrencies, it also offers investment opportunities in up and coming Initial Coin Offerings projects (with emphasis on SEA tokens). A step in the right direction, the Tokenize platform is greatly mitigating the barriers to entry for investors and enthusiasts to show interest in new ICO’s. Usual steps to investing in projects require the investor to be verified on each ICO whitelists, chosen exchanges and also KYC back checks. Veteran investors can attest to the layers of administrative work needed.

The Tokenize platform solves this problem. By becoming the Go-to portal for the curation of definitive ICO projects, the platform consolidates the process of investing in multiple ICO’s into one, streamlined and friendly experience. Making it easier for both investors and projects to form meaningful networks. 

Bringing together a community

Tokenize prioritize human communication and inclusivity. The Tokenize Xchange brings purposeful blockchain companies and enthusiastic crypto investors together to share knowledge, ideas, and values. In doing so, it creates a vibrant and dynamic community that continuously explores and propels blockchain innovation. 

To exemplify this value, the Tokenize team has taken a different approach to the traditional ICO model. The Tokenize Live Consensus is an attempt at rallying the community behind an otherwise detached experience. Instead of the usual models which take contributions from global investors to raise capital instantly, Tokenize has taken a patient and convivial approach. A face to face token swap and networking event. 

Moving Forward

With their ICO coming up, Tokenize definitely has their hands full. As for the vision and goal that they have, the foundations are in-place, whats left is for the layman to ride the currents. 

Further Information

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