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TradingView Crypto Charting

TradingView Crypto Charting


TradingView Charting Software

Where to find the best cryptocurrency charting and technical analysis platform? TradingView is a long established charting software platform trusted by thousands & thousands of stock traders worldwide. It is a fully featured platform with a completely customisable interface allowing each user to adjust the charts and UI to suit their individual needs. There is a vast array of tools to assist your trading strategies, probably far more than you will ever need – especially for a crypto trader as cryptos have a reputation for not following the trends of traditional assets such as FOREX or stocks.

Feature Set

The features available to the user are extensive, massive even. The best way to get to grips with all of the features is to give the software a try and play around with it, you can easily spend hours and hours getting to know the various options and features.

Generally though, I feel that for a crypto trader there doesn’t need to be that many options. As long as you can pull up a chart of BTC/USD and add some basic indicators such as moving averages quickly and easily then you will be on the way to a great relationship with TradingView – it will give you way more than you really need, although always nice to have the options.

The sample chart below was set up in 30 secs. Open BTC/USD, click indicators, add moving average (MA). Add the second MA and adjust the variables using the settings button alongside each MA – done.

There are a host of indicators available, some built in and others available with the upgraded user subscriptions, more on pricing later. The range on offer for the free user though are still more than you would ever use in real life.

Customising the appearance of the charts is another area with many options – find the one to suit you and then you will most likely stick with that set-up unless you get bored easily! The appearance of the chart below was adjusted in 20 seconds, so very easy.

When you first enter into the platform before you select the advanced charting there is a dashboard for each coin (of 298). This is a great place to receive an overview of any coin and check volumes on exchanges, technical indicators and other parameters over a set number of timeframes. Great for beginners to the world of Technical Analysis and/or trading.


There are many other features such as a screener which gives an overview of all the pairs and much more information besides. It’s far too much to run through in this review but signing up will give you access to explore all of the options yourself – time permitting! The exchanges which supply the pricing are also shown.

A quick teaser………..

Lots to see here!

The final feature we will discuss here is the ability to share and compare your ideas and strategies with other fellow users. Charts can be easily shared with other users and their ideas can be viewed in return. Be careful though when checking others offering advice, do your own research!

TradingView and Crpytos

TradingView has been quick to react to the sudden rise in demand of cryptocurrency traders and the need to go beyond the simplified charts offered by some exchanges. EXMO recently announced their partnership with TradingView and are integrating the system into their exchange. Some exchanges offer decent enough charting options but others fall short.

TradingView ‘pulls’ it’s pricing from various established crypto exchanges – these are shown on the charts and as you can see the above charts pricing was from Bitfinex. There are 298 coins on their platform at this time and I’m certain more will be added as time progresses.


Access to the platform is free, this is great to check out if TradingView is for you. If you then want to take your trading seriously you may want to upgrade your package – there are 3 levels to choose from. Each level has a 30 day Free Trial.


Device Availability

TradingView is available on any browser and across PC, MAC and iOS devices. Other tablets can access TradingView via any browser, at this time there is no dedicated Android app.


Direct support from TradingView is only available to paid users, this is completely understandable. But for free users there is a very comprehensive FAQ section on Wiki which can be accessed via their homepage. In addition, because this platform has been so popular among traditional stock traders for such a long time there are many tutorial videos and other sources available online.

In summary, this is an excellent charting platform and is taking cryptocurrencies very seriously. Visit TradingView by clicking the button below.