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TREZOR lowers price for popular Hard Wallet

TREZOR lowers price for popular Hard Wallet


TREZOR Hardware Wallet. Below is taken from TREZOR blog

Get yours today for only EUR 69.

We always wanted to create a price-friendly, secure hardware wallet for everyone. After all, our mission is to bring intuitive and confidence-inspiring security and cryptography to the masses. However, this was not possible in the beginning. We had to go through rounds of development and grow with the market, finally reaching better-scaled production capabilities. Thanks to optimizations and organic growth, we were able to achieve that this year.

Yes, we are there! Starting today, Trezor One will be discounted by EUR 20, becoming even more affordable for the general public. The 23% price cut eradicates another entry barrier to security for all users alike, including newcomers to the cryptocurrency world.

What does this mean? One main thing! The Trezor One transforms into the affordable, battle-tested cryptocurrency hardware wallet for everyone. With continuing active development and continuously growing feature set, it is poised to become your key to the world of digital independence.

TREZOR best price

Read our review of this popular Hardware wallet and visit TREZOR to get yours at this incredible new low price.